Company Information

ICD10monitor, a division of MedLearn Media, Inc., is an online news and information service created to help healthcare providers in all settings make informed decisions relative to coding, clinical documentation integrity (CDI), value-based purchasing and other new payment methodologies. ICD10monitor reports on current issues including population health, physician engagement and the patient experience.

ICD10monitor provides a portal of information and a forum for discussion for educational purposes only. The opinions of contributing editors published by ICD10monitor may not necessarily represent those of our sponsors or other organizations affiliated with ICD10monitor. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and contextual honesty, ICD10monitor will quickly correct and/or retract any information demonstrated to be erroneous. We welcome opposing viewpoints and will publish responses from our readers, which may be edited for economy and clarity.

Publishing Team

  • Chuck Buck — Publisher
  • Angela Kornegor – Executive Director
  • Mary Wollan – National Account Manager
  • Brian Acker – Vice President of Business Development
  • Laura Baker — Senior Webcast & Event Producer
  • Emily Anderson– Advertising & Marketing Manager
  • Jessica Katz — Web & Design Manager
  • Chyann Lundy — Event Producer & Production

Advertising and Branding Opportunities

Healthcare sales and marketing professionals can reach important decision makers among the provider target market with our portfolio of RAC and governmental auditor focused products — Website advertising, bi-weekly e-newsletters, Webinars and email messages.

For advertising inquiries, contact us at 1-800-252-1578 ext. 3433 or email us advertising @ medlearnmedia.com