Readiness surveys conducted during the past two years showed that the industry was so challenged with competing initiatives that there simply was not enough time to complete all of the necessary preparations for ICD-10. The magnitude of the project was simply overwhelming. In fact, it was so difficult to engage providers during the March CMS Test week that clearinghouses rejoiced when we had 5,000 or 10,000 claims to submit. So while some complain and speculate about what this new delay will cost, I look at the opportunities this affords the industry for appropriate due diligence and the chance for comprehensive testing to flush out any questions or potential failures.

As we know, all covered entities must transition to ICD-10 at the same time to ensure a smooth transition. Failure of any one industry segment to achieve compliance with ICD-10 would negatively impact all other industry segments and result in rejected claims and provider payment delays. The change in the compliance date for ICD-10 will give providers and other covered entities more time to prepare and fully test their systems.

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