In February 2015, the American Hospital Association (AHA), in conjunction with Executive Health Resources, launched its inaugural clinical documentation improvement (CDI) survey, “Emerging Trends for Clinical Documentation Improvement in 2015,” to help determine the main barriers to CDI success. Many powerful insights related to physician engagement in CDI programs were revealed by the survey’s participants, which included more than 1,000 CDI, coding, health information management (HIM), and other professionals in CDI programs across the United States.

About the Survey

The survey was promoted nationwide and the results reflect a balanced representation across the country (plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico). The provider landscape represented was diverse and included small hospitals of under 200 beds (27.3 percent), midsize hospitals of 200-plus beds (33.7 percent), and multi-hospital systems (28.9 percent).

Most programs (87.9 percent) represented in the survey results either are in a growth or mature stage of their CDI program, well past the inception phase.

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