Cooperative Exchange members have more than 5,000 direct payer connections. Imagine the amount of testing that will be going on in the next few months and all the different testing plans. Well, actually you don’t have to imagine – you will be able to find out for yourself!

To help facilitate ICD-10 testing during the remaining transition period, the Cooperative Exchange will gather information on payers regarding their testing parameters. There has been industry concern about the lack of knowledge regarding what to expect in testing from payers, and this will be a public one-stop resource hosted on the Cooperative Exchange’s website. This is a value add for Cooperative Exchange clearinghouse clients and all providers and clearinghouses, as this will be information that can be useful to them for their implementation processes.

Providers and clearinghouses will populate the database in 14 key areas. Information will be submitted anonymously using a username and password. Inputters will only have access to update payers they have already recorded and to add new payers. Reports will have the capability of presenting the data either by a single data point, multiple data points, or via a full spreadsheet. The key areas for input include:

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