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The 2023 IPPS Coding webcast series receives accolades from coders, although much study remains as the new ICD-10 codes are effective Oct. 1, 2022.

Accolades continue to roll in from coders who attended the recent three-day IPPS Coding Summit produced by ICD10monitor, showcasing the importance of understanding both the new codes and guidelines.

Now available on demand, the series features senior healthcare consultant Laurie Johnson and Erica Remer, MD. Johnson, a regular panelist on the long-running Talk Ten Tuesdays, describes the new ICD-10 codes and guidelines, while Remer, cohost on the broadcast and president of Erica Remer MD, Inc., provides her perspective as a physician.

“I liked the updates and how they were presented and organized with the current and past performance guidance,” wrote Carla Wallace-Bolston, a clinical documentation integrity specialist (CDIS), an attendee. “I also liked learning how to locate pertinent information and identifying the approaches to investigate and research the website. The handouts are awesome and the presenter, Ms. Laurie M. Johnson, is so courageous. Dr. Erica Remer (is) so amazingly talented as she functions on the highest level of clinical expertise, coding, CDI/with the providers, coders and all of the above.”

The teamwork of Johnson and Remer elicited considerable praise from coders who appeared to value and appreciate the different perspectives of both presenters.

“With so many changes this year, this could have been overwhelming,” wrote Sondra Hess, a coding and documentation specialist. “Both Ms. Johnson and Dr. Remer are clearly experts at understanding and presenting complex information in an organized, concise manner. The time went by much too quickly!”

Both Johnson and Remer received effusive praise for their analysis of the new ICD-10 codes and guidelines all of which appear to be more complicated than in previous years. Adding to the complexity of the code changes for 2023 was the New Technology Add-on Payments (NTAPs) and DRG shifts.

Johnson, earlier in an email to ICD10monitor, remarked that NTAPs are expected to be a “game changer,” noting that many NTAPs for FY 2023 come at a time when hospitals are losing money, since many of them are for medications.

“It’s always a joy to have Laurie Johnson present and share her vast knowledge and analysis on DRG shifts, NTAPs and her helpful recommendations for each coder/CDI and their facility to tackle the daunting upcoming changes,” wrote Elisa Field. “I like Dr. Remer.”

When downloading the on-demand series, here is a reader’s guide to the content that was presented during the three-day series.

2023 IPPS Summit Day 1: Master ICD-10-CM Changes

The first session features a review of FY 2023 changes to ICD-10-CM codes.

2023 IPPS Summit Day 2: Master ICD-10-PCS Changes

This is the second session and features a review of the hundreds of FY23 changes to ICD-10-PCS codes.

2023 IPPS Summit Day 3: MS-DRG Shifts and NTAPs

The third and final session features a review of FY23 changes to the MS-DRG methodology and the NTAPs.

The on-demand version will now available. Additional information, including registration is here.

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