Many say that medicine is both art and science. It draws on the rich traditions of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, who recognized the value of keen observation, expert listening skills, and disciplined documentation of findings. Modern-day physicians emerge from years of medical training, residency, and fellowship programs with expertly honed observation and listening skills and a wealth of accumulated knowledge about the mysteries and marvels of the human body and the many ways its exquisite organs and systems can fail. How they convey the story of each patient encounter has a tremendous influence on treatment, and impacts the increasingly complex business relationship between providers and payers.

 “Medicine has become big business,” says Dr. Nicole Einhorn, orthopedic surgeon and chief content officer for ICDLogic. “Like farming and other traditional community-based professions, locally rooted hospitals, many on the brink of insolvency, have been acquired or merged into massive systems.”

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