ICD-10 is the lollapalooza of healthcare. It’s the curtain going up on a Broadway premiere. It’s the opening seconds of the worldwide telecast of The Oscars. It is the solid clank of the metal safety harness pressed hard against your legs on the Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island, when you hope (and pray) you’ll walk off in one piece.

It’s 71,920 ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes and 89,000 ICD-10-PCS procedural codes. It’s costing healthcare between $425 million to $1.5 billion, according to a RAND study. It’s been bullied by the leadership of the American Medical Association and cited as the reason small physician practices will fold up and shutter. It’s been on America’s healthcare agenda since 1995. It’s been postponed, questioned and even declared DOA by some members of Congress. It’s been many things, and for many reasons.

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