The three-part series is in response to listeners’ requests.

The long-running live Internet broadcast Talk TenTuesdays will debut a three-part series on coding and documentation issues associated with outpatient clinical documentation integrity (CDI) today.

The series, developed in response to listeners’ requests, has been developed by Colleen Deighan, a senior healthcare consultant with industry giant 3M, according to program executive producer and host Chuck Buck. Part I in the series will focus on the

Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) Program. 

To improve care and create transparency, Medicare mandated a pay-for-quality reporting program for hospital outpatient services in 2009, Deighan said. The measures can impact hospital payment if not met, thus creating financial incentives for hospitals. 

“The measures are intended to evaluate the regularity of outpatient treatments known to provide the best results for most patients with a particular condition,” Deighan said. “Over the next three Talk-Ten-Tuesdays, we’ll introduce the measures and consider how coding and documentation integrity professionals can get involved in reporting and/or analyzing the data.” 

The exclusive three-part series will include the following:

  • Part 1: Hospital OQR Program
  • Part 2: Measures that require abstracting
  • Part 3: Outcome-based measures

Also, during today’s broadcast, listeners will hear from senior healthcare consultant Laurie Johnson, who will report on the final outcome of last week’s Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting.

Internationally renowned psychiatrist and author H. Steven Moffic is also scheduled to return to the broadcast to explain why so many Americans are experiencing a sense of frustration – caused in part by the year-long coronavirus pandemic.

Buck said ICD10monitor is also producing two other special events that will be aired during upcoming broadcasts.

“We will recognize ‘Health Information Professionals (HIPs) Week’ being promoted by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) April 18-24,” Buck said. “We will also develop special content surrounding events being promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in April, including World Health Week, April 1-7.”

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