Four AHIMA members tell stories of their journey into healthcare as we observe Health Information Professional (HIP) Week.

ICD10monitor and Talk Ten Tuesdays are currently recognizing Health Information Professional (HIP) Week, sponsored by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

As part of this recognition, we asked four of our correspondents – all members of AHIMA – to share their stories of their journey into healthcare.

In this special edition, you’ll read profiles from Gloryanne Bryant, Rose Dunn, Susan Gatehouse, and Laurie Johnson. Here are some of my personal observations about each.

Gloryanne Bryant was among our first contributors, having written pieces on coding compliance during the early start-up years of RACmonitor and Monitor Mondays. I knew we would be fortunate if Gloryanne could make herself available for either the online news edition – RACmonitor – or the live Internet broadcast, Monitor Mondays. Gloryanne, in those early years, was the president of the California Health Information Association. Upon her “retirement” from healthcare, ICD10monitor and Talk-Ten-Tuesdays produced a tribute to her and her long and distinguished career. Fortunately for our readers and listeners, Gloryanne has not retired from our relationship. She’s a popular guest on Talk-Ten-Tuesdays, and writes frequently on coding issues for ICD10monitor. Gloryanne also hosts the quarterly ICD10monitor webcast series that updates of the American Hospital Association (AHA) Coding Clinic.

Rose Dunn came to our attention in the early days of RACmonitor, when she contributed to MICmonitor: a news and information service about the Medicaid Integrity Contractors. When ICD-10 was on the horizon, we asked Rose to contribute to then fledgling ICD10monitor and Talk Ten Tuesdays. When Rose really caught my attention was during a live remote broadcast from the AHIMA convention in Salt Lake City; the applause that greeted Rose was thundering. She had come to the rescue of AHIMA at a time when a rescue was sorely needed. Rose continues her reporting for ICD10monitor and is a popular guest on Talk Ten Tuesdays. Her trademark segment is the Dunn Report, and she’s scheduled to return to the broadcast on April 27. Rose, the chief operations officer for First Class Solutions, has a sense of humor that belies her corporate persona.

Susan Gatehouse came into our orbit several years ago, when she began contributing articles to ICD10monitor and making appearances on Talk-Ten-Tuesdays. Susan is the founder and CEO for Axea Solutions, an Atlanta-based revenue cycle solutions consultancy. Susan is someone you can trust. Her word is her bond. If she says she can do it, she will. I am always impressed with women in leadership roles, especially entrepreneurs. I’ve always believed that as a country we’d do better if we had female presidents. And that certainly can be said about healthcare as well.

Laurie Johnson came into my professional life during one of those many healthcare conferences years ago. We were introduced to one another and bingo, she began writing for ICD10monitor and making appearances on Talk Ten Tuesdays. She has been a stalwart – always on time, always relevant, and always there with helpful advice – as a second pair of eyes for us. Laurie is a regular panelist on the TTT broadcast, and shows up every Tuesday with her Coding Report. She conducts educational webcasts for ICD10monitor, and once again this year, as in past years, Laurie will be leading a three-day webcast on the 2021 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Final Rule. It’s an event ICD10monitor calls “IPPSpalooza” – the 10-week period after the IPPS final rule is released, continuing through Oct. 1st – when the regulations, including the newcodes, become effective.

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