During the past few weeks I have spent time revising project plan timelines and milestones to give organizations more to prepare for ICD-10 – which in most cases is very much needed. All the physicians I have spoken to since the latest delay was announced are indicating that they are just going to wait until next year, but why is that? Hasn’t everyone in the industry received an explanation regarding the importance of preparing for ICD-10? We all know that documentation is going to be one of the most significant challenges, beginning and ending with the physician, but that is not the only challenge. It will take a great deal of effort, support, and time to get documentation the specificity we will need, not only for ICD-10, but to meet the standards of compliance for coding and billing claims. It is a well-known fact that current documentation is not sufficient to code to the specificity ICD-10 will demand, so much work needs to be done.

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